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I just met Alec Soth!

I took the 4+ hour journey to NY to see his show, Broken Manual, at the Sean Kelly Gallery. I was so excited to see his works in person and my dad bought his book for me. I then got it signed by him and was able to talk to him for a little. Of course everyone wanted to talk to him, but he was so nice! It was definitely worth the trip. (8-9 hour drive total, all in one day)

It is now 1:10am and I just got home from NY. I am so high on life and just extremely excited. How am I supposed to sleep now? And I have to go to classes and work tomorrow! It was all worth it.

You all should check the show out if you are a drive away!


  1. jonahrosenberg said: I went tonight too although it was admittedly much closer. It was my second time meeting him and he proved once again to be a really solid dude.
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